A shrimp that's a giant?

Fort Pierce, Florida -- This shrimp ain't no shrimp.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted several photos on Facebook from fisherman Steve Bargeron, who hooked a massive crustacean at a dock in Fort Pierce.

Bargeron described the creature as being about 18 inches long, and striking its own tail, so he grabbed it by its back like a lobster.

As to what the animal might actually be... scientists haven't quite determined the exact species. It could be some type of mantis shrimp, which is actually neither a mantis nor a shrimp at all, but a kind of crustacean called a stomatopod.

Mantis shrimp have a bit of a following in the scientific community, as well as on the Internet, as the online web comic The Oatmeal can explain better than we can.

After snapping several pics, Bargeron released the beastie back into the water. The FWC says they are continuing to review his photos to determine exactly what species of mantis shrimp it might be.

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