Women turn to fertility app to help get pregnant

San Francisco, California (CBS News) -- Looks like some moms-to-be are crediting their smartphones for helping them get pregnant.

Katherine Fordon is one of them. She has a lot to cheer about these days. She's now pregnant with her second child after nearly a year of trying.

"It was just a lot of waiting and hoping," she says.

And using an app. Every day she would use the free Ovia fertility app to log her cycle to help identify her fertile days.

Gina Nebesar from Ovuline claims 70,000 women have reported getting pregnant while using the Ovia app.

"Every day, she opens up the app and she enters her data and she sees an immediate score of how fertile she is that day as well as a projection of when she will be fertile," says Nebesar.

With hundreds of these types of apps available, doctors say they can be good for understanding your body, but say the technology has limitations.

"Sometimes, the situations can be a bit more complicated than the smartphone apps can really give information about. I would definitely caution women to think there's not some magic bullet here. We've been able to do this without smartphones for a while," says Heather Huddleston, an M.D. UCSF Center for Reproductive Health.

As for Fordon, she says the app provided her some comfort.

"I don't know about getting me pregnant, but I could give it credit for giving me some peace of mind," says Fordon.


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