It's a sign, and it's a lie: Warning messages on semi trucks

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It’s a sign, and it’s a straight up lie.

“I think people will just instinctively believe a sign,” says Mike Laszlo – a guy who knows.

He’s an attorney who says people just instinctively believe signs like the ones they see driving every day.

They’re signs on trucks, carrying who knows what to who knows where, and they come with a warning:

Stay back. Not responsible for broke windshields!

It just doesn’t work that way.

“I am responsible if I punch you in the face. I can’t wear a sign that says I’m not responsible,” Laszlo says. “If you cause damage to someone or something, you’re responsible.”

Colorado State Patrol backed up what he’s saying. Troopers rely on drivers to call in reports of trucks with unsecured loads.

Tickets are just a slap on the wrist, but if someone gets hurt, the offense becomes a misdemeanor traffic citation.

“You can’t just put a sign on something, on your truck, for instance, and saying we’re not responsible for hurting you.”

The problem is it’s tough to prove where a flying rock came from. They’re all over the road.

So, while the signs aren’t factually accurate, they still seem like a good idea.

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