Road Warrior: Speeding solution in Plant City

Plant City, Florida -- Trapnell Ridge resident Stephanie Acito was at her wit's end when she emailed me about her neighborhood's speeding problem.

As a board member with the HOA, Stephanie had already dealt directly with both Hillsborough County and Plant City to no avail. She wrote, "It is just a matter of time before a kid darts out after a ball while a car flies by. We have tried to get speed bumps put it, but we have not been approved due to lack of traffic."

When Trapnell Ridge was developed, it was meant to include two entrances, which Stephanie said would at least divert some of the speeders off of some of the roads where children play the most. The developer ran out of money and left the subdivision with only one entrance, and opening the second entrance has proven to be extremely costly.

Since that option seemed outside the realm of possibility, we decided to pursue speed bumps again with City Engineer Brett Gocka.

He sent me this statement in an email: "The City does not support the use of speed bumps, they don't work and create a late night noise issue that the residents later complain about."

However, he did agree to a meeting with Stephanie to talk about possibilities to help the neighborhood.

I checked back in shortly thereafter, and Brett told me that his team would be using "Kwik Curb" to mimic a chicane, which is basically artificial curbs that slow traffic by thinning the travel space. If the temporary solution works, the city will build in the chicanes permanently.

The Kwik Curb will go in soon, and I'll be checking back to see how it is working for the Trapnell Ridge community.


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