Road Warrior: Turn signal timing updated

10 News viewer Eileen was seeing red at the intersection of Sheldon Rd. and Linebaugh Ave. in Tampa.

She sent me an email stating "If you are driving south on Sheldon Rd. and go to make a left hand turn on to Linebaugh Ave. you can expect to sit through at least one are two lights before you get to turn."

I addressed this light issue with Hillsborough County, who oversees that intersection and after performing their own assessment, county engineers agreed. A representative from the county informed me that time would be added to the turn signal so that the lane would clear during rush hour when it specifically appeared the problem was occurring.

In many cases, city and county officials are unaware that these sorts of light issues are happening until I give them a heads up, so keep those emails coming! If you are "seeing Red" over a mistimed light, email me at or tweet me at @10newstraffic.


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