No sales tax for hurricane supplies June 1-15

St. Petersburg, Florida -- The 2014 Hurricane Season is brewing; day one starts tomorrow. Today, the governor encouraged people to get ready.

A sales tax holiday is happening for the first time to help make preparedness for affordable for folks. On the shelves in Target, water has been grabbed. Management said it has been busy and shoppers are taking advantage by stocking up and trying to keep cost down.

Tampa Bay residents want to be prepared this hurricane season. Regina Johnson said, "I'm going to take advantage of some of that stuff ... just in case, so we can have it in case something happens."

10 News walked the aisles in Target to find what people need in case of such an emergency. In a matter of minutes, we checked off most of the checklist.

Another shopper reminded folks to take medications. "Those are important!"

Governor Rick Scott said you need:

  • two way radios
  • batteries
  • water
  • non perishable foods
  • gas cans
  • coolers

For the first time ever from June 1-15 there's no sales tax on hurricane supplies. People like that, but the season runs through the end of November. One shopper said, " It should be for a longer time."

There are some things you wont find in the aisles. Some shoppers know getting cash out from ATMs ahead of time is important, and others say it's important to have your evacuation route planned out.

Officials are predicting a normal season. Experts are forecasting eight to 13 named storms and three to six hurricanes.

Hurricane Preparedness List from Governor Rick Scott


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