Bianca Graulau

I left my previous job in a major news market to reassess my passion in life, and it turns out I live for this because I found myself reporting on my own dime. So, I figured why not come to beautiful Tampa and enjoy the sunny weather while telling meaningful stories?

I'm a learner, a listener, a story-teller, a videographer, and an aspiring investigative reporter. I've also been ride-share driver and an English tutor for Chinese kids because it was fun and it helped me pay the bills in between reporting jobs.

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Before coming to the Tampa Bay Area I worked in Sacramento, California as a reporter for the ABC affiliate KXTV. There, I came to terms with the fact that no one can pronounce my last name. Previously, I worked for the Spanish station in Sacramento, Univision 19 KUVS where we won an Emmy for a series on homelessness.

I started my reporting career at KUVS in Palm Springs, California because, after attending college in the frigid cold at Syracuse University, I was ready for the heat of the desert.

Give me a camera and a microphone and drop me off in any city, and I will find you a story worth telling. But keep in mind I rather interview the homeless man than the politician, unless I'm holding them accountable. My favorite stories are the ones that lead to change.

While in California’s capital, I gave rides to seniors who could no longer drive and mentored girls in the foster care system.

My pronouns are she, her, hers. I'm Puerto Rican, a dancer, and that annoying friend always asking you to be mindful of your waste.

If you have story ideas for me, or just want to say hi, email me at, Facebook me, or tweet at me.