Rob Finnerty

From snowstorms, to earthquakes, tornadoes, and sunshine it has been quite a ride. I'm Rob Finnerty and I am a Morning Anchor on the new look “10 News Brightside.” I am originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts - my parents still live there and I actually used to drive a water taxi as a summer job in college so it’s nice being back on the water.

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Snowstorms (or Nor'easters): I studied Communications at Fairfield University and I got a job right out of college at a sports radio station in Boston doing The Red Sox Pre-and-Post Game Show and The Celtics Halftime Show. Not long after that I was hired as the youngest Sports Reporter in Boston at New England Cable News. At 25, I got to cover some of the biggest events in sports, including the World Series, the Super Bowl and NBA Finals. There is nothing quite like covering your hometown teams, but my real passion is news and politics.

Earthquakes: In 2013, I was hired as a Morning Anchor in Bakersfield, California (a long way from home) but I quickly became the go-to talent for political coverage, interviewing House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Congressman David Valadao, & Congressman Emanuel Clever. I have interviewed a lot of different people and I always try to 'make some news' during the interview. I had a funny back-and-forth with Sally Field once (it’s on my Facebook Page, check it out @RobFinnertyTV), and I had a good joust with Marcia Clark, the Chief Prosecutor in the OJ Simpson Trail. I was also the only local reporter allowed into the apartment where South Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger lived while on the run from the FBI, and I won an Emmy Award for my work on the Special, “Get Ready Kern County" in 2013.

Tornadoes: Next stop - my wife and I moved to Kansas City. Yes there is great BBQ there, but it's also a great town. I was hired there as a Morning Anchor and Host of the Talk Show ‘Better Kansas City' and I had the opportunity to sit down with some really interesting people. I spoke with Kansas City Chiefs owner and billionaire Clark Hunt once, but the interview was cut short because “his people” thought he may have said too much by telling me that an NFL Division is coming to Europe in the not so distant future – so look out for that (also on my Facebook Page)! The Royals even won the World Series while I was there, pretty cool.

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Finally, Sunshine: If you’ve ever been somewhere that just feels like home, that is how we felt the second we crossed over the boarder driving from the Midwest. My wife and I moved here with our daughter in March 2017, and she already loves building sand castles (mostly us doing the building) at the beach and jogging with us on Bayshore Boulevard - she is a Florida girl already and we are all just so happy to be here. 10 News is really doing something unique and special and it is my hope that our new Morning Show Brightside will become a part of your routine each and everyday.

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