Dog suffocates after getting head stuck in chip bag; learn how to protect your pets

A social media post is alerting pet owners to the dangers of snack bags.

Christina Young posted the story of how she lost her dog Petey on Facebook, and it has been shared more than 400,000 times.

She says she left the dog at home to go to work, and when her boyfriend came back, the dog did not greet him at the door as usual. He went inside and found the dog dead, a chip bag on his head.

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The dog had gotten the bag stuck on his head and couldn't get it off, and he suffocated.

The website Preventative Vet warns two to three pets die each week due to bag suffocation, and it can take only minutes for a pet to die.

It suggests putting snacks in other containers or bowls and cutting up bags to keep your pets safe.