Man arrested for animal abuse after hanging puppy by neck, punching it

BRADENTON-- A Brandenton man was arrested after police discovered he held up a 3-month-old puppy by its neck with a lanyard and punched the puppy in the head several times.

On Monday in the 900 block of 16th St. W., police responded to a call for a report of animal abuse. When they arrived, they arrested Carleau Mesidor, 39, for aggravated animal abuse charges. They say Mesidor tied up the puppy named Zoey with a black and yellow lanyard and while she was hanging by its neck, punched the puppy for chewing up one of his shoes.

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Zoey was taken to a forensic veterinarian for a medical evaluation She had an orbital fracture and injuries consistent with being held up by the neck and punched.

There were a total of three dogs in this residence that were voluntarily surrendered and custody given over the Manatee County. All dogs are now being medically evaluated.

The case is still under investigation.