Elderly Tacoma couple crosses skydiving off bucket list

The thrill is far from gone for 85-year-old Earl Groshart and his 74-year-old wife Linda.

The thrill is far from gone for Earl Groshart, 83, and his wife Linda, 74.

While their adventures together are numbered, this senior couple from Tacoma is crossing one more thing off their bucket list this week: indoor skydiving.

“I wanted to go real skydiving but I got a heart problem,” said Earl, who has had five heart attacks. “I figure I better now try.”

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Earl’s last heart attack was congenital heart failure.

“I asked the doctor she said, ‘Yeah you can do it. Just don’t get hurt, physically hurt. The heart can take it,’” Earl said.

“If you fall apart and I’m disowning you,” said Linda, who jokes with her with husband before they suited up to go into a controlled air space to simulate sky diving.

“We can and it’s time so why not. That’s my attitude,” said Earl.

Earl and Linda both loved indoor skydiving and said they want to try jumping out of a plane next.

“You never know how much time you have left you know,” Linda said. “You don’t want any regrets like why didn’t I do this or why didn’t I do that.”