Weather extremes for Tampa Bay snowbirds this season

Record temperatures at both extremes have visitors shivering and sweating

Clearwater, FL -- When it comes to the weather, snowbirds just can’t seem to win this season.

We’ve seen a 50 to 60-degree temperature swings in just the past four weeks, giving seasonal visitors a dose of weather whiplash this season.

“Below norm for January, and now all of a sudden, it's above normal,” said Nadine Blankenship, visiting Clearwater Beach from Kentucky.

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The roller coaster forecast is definitely unusual, according to our own 10News Meteorologist Grant Gilmore.

“Typically, we see more of a gradual transition into our spring,” said Gilmore, who is forecasting more warm weather straight through the end of February.

That means people not used to the heat when they visit this time of year need to watch out for the signs of overdoing it.

“Well, we have definitely seen an increase in the number of calls for heat-related injuries and illnesses,” said Assistant Chief John Klinefelter with Clearwater Fire and Rescue.

Klinefelter usually gives visitors heat sickness advice in the summertime. Now, he’s doing the same in mid-February.

If you start to experience symptoms, get to a cool place and hydrate, he says.

Signs of heat sickness:

“You start feeling weak, dizzy, nauseous. Dry mouth. You stop sweating. If you stop sweating it's a very, very late sign. Cramping is another big sign that you could be dehydrated and starting to overheat,” said Klinefelter.

Annett Stagge, visiting from Germany, says it’s definitely warmer than what their research had told them it would be. She and her son had just come off the beach to sit under some palm trees.

“I drink some water. Some cold water. Or, go to the shade for a few minutes,” said Stagge.

Officials say if you are overwhelmed by the heat, call it a day. Don't head back out into the elements for 24 hours, because your body is more susceptible to dehydration.

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