Human trafficking victim speaks to abuser face-to-face

Police say he would find his women at local hotels, jail, and websites like

Robert Wyche, 62, pleaded guilty Monday to charges of racketeering and human trafficking.

He was arrested back in 2014. Police say he would find his women at local hotels, jail, and websites like One of Wyche’s victims came face-to-face with him in court.

“This shouldn’t have to happen to any woman, especially not ones already broken and alone. This man is hateful, ugly, mean, and has no conscious. I hope the next 20 years of his life is as miserable as the years he treated me. I’m glad he has no other chance to hurt another woman,” says his victim.

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“I was beaten. I was tied up. I was held hostage whenever I didn’t comply.”

It’s hard to believe this is happening right on the streets of Tampa Bay.

“This man has taken women and made them his sex slave, money-maker, and punching bag.”

But a victim of Wyche's says it’s reality.

“My goal in life is to advocate to all young woman out there that don’t have to go through what I went through.”

Detective Shannon Kasparek with the Clearwater Police Department says she’s seen victims of human trafficking from as young as 12 to 60.

“I’ve seen human trafficking in different locations at hotels, massage parlors, and girls on the street,” says Kasparek.

There are signs, she says, you can look out for to help put an end to this violent crime.

“You’ll notice pimps will like to have control or someone’s asking a female questions but [only the] male is answering or [you'll] see physical abuse,” says Kasparek.

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Wyche will be serving 10 years in prison, but for his victim, she says today was closure and that, from now on, she will never think of him again.