VERIFY: Is it safe to shower during a lightning storm

Growing up as a kid parents always warned to never shower during a lightning storm, but could this actually be a danger?

As rain, lightning and thunder hit all over the state of Texas one question came about in our newsroom...

Is it safe to shower during a lightning storm?

To VERIFY this, we checked with the National Weather Service and found out that it is advised not to take a bath, shower or use any other plumbing during the storm.

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If you have metal pipes lightning could strike your plumbing and conduct electricity all the way to your sink, shower or bathtub.

It could give you a shock and even hurt you.

It's very hard to determine where and when lightning will strike, so it's hard to say who's at risk and who's not.

So though the risk is small, The National Weather Service says to make sure you save your showers, baths and dishwashing until after the storm passes.