I'm from all over the place! I was born in Ohio, but since then I've spent time in Tennessee, California, Texas and most recently, Charlotte, NC before heading to Tampa Bay.

I started my first job right down the road from where I graduated, in Bryan-College Station, Texas. (Gig 'em Aggies!) After working there a few years I headed to Charlotte, NC where I worked at the CBS station there.

I can't seem to sit still! I love running, yoga, hiking, and any water sports you can imagine. I'm also kind of a daredevil, so I'm up for anything from skydiving to polar plunges.

Every now and then I can relax, and I do enjoy hanging out with the dog (named Eddie) at home. Cooking, reading, listening to music or watching a good movie are all good for a quiet evening.

I hold the CBM from the American Meteorological Society.

What I like most about Tampa Bay? Well, obviously the weather! I'm a warm weather junkie, and any place you can be comfortable at the beach in December is a place I want to be!

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Ashley Batey Meteorologist

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