Week 5 Recap: Bayleigh won Head of Household. After an argument with Faysal about nominating JC, Bayleigh nominated Brett and Rachel. She promised Rachel her safety. Tyler won the veto and contemplated using it, but after Bayleigh told Rachel that she had the power app, the news made its way to Tyler. He decided not to change the nominations in hopes Bayleigh wouldn't use the power to nominate him next week. In a blindside, Rachel was evicted by her Level 6 alliance members. Angela won the HOH competition.

Power Rankings:

1. Tyler (Last week’s position: 1)

It seems that Tyler will be number one on this list until the house finally catches on to his game, or he inevitably wins. He's maneuvered through the house, making everyone think he's on their side, when really his loyalties lie with the Level 6 squad. There's already enough mistrust in the house to pin Rachel's eviction on Scottie. With Angela and Bayleigh both in Tyler's corner, not to mention a power app of his own, Tyler should sail through another week.

2. Brett (2)

Brett's eviction speeches will live on in Big Brother lore for years to come. First it was Rockstar, then it was Rachel. The reactions were priceless. Although he's been incapable of winning anything on his own, he has shown that he knows how to play the social game well. His alliance is in charge, and we'll see if this is the week Bayleigh decides to use her power app.

3. Bayleigh (4)

Bayleigh's HOH week told us two things: She is power-crazy, and she knows how the game works. Although she's been lurking in the shadows since Swaggy C's eviction, she used her power like it's supposed to be used. She found where loyalties lie and made the right decisions, but she (and the rest of the house) didn't realize the masterful game Tyler is playing. Her biggest mistake was putting too much faith in Rachel. She should be safe this week, since she can always change the nominations.

4. JC (6)

JC is finally proving that he knows how to play the game. He's spent much of the season so far being the fun-loving and crazy guy, but has really built strong relationships with several members of the house. He has Faysal in the palm of his hands, Sam loves him, and he has been voting with Tyler. He needs to hope he doesn't go up as a pawn.

5. Sam (3)

After ruffling lots of feathers with her speech, Sam has slipped back under the radar. She has friends in Tyler and Brett, the two top-ranked players left in the house. I don't think Bayleigh or Angela would nominate her. She's proven to be a competitor and I think there's a good chance that she'll win again in the future.

6. Angela (7)

Angela finally got some airtime this week with the big Rachel meltdown. She made the right choice by not buying Bayleigh and Rachel's versions of the HOH's conversation with Tyler. She made the right move in dumping her friend Rachel and sticking with Level 6, and now is the HOH. Only problem: Bayleigh can make nominations for her.

7. Scottie (5)

Scottie better be ready to defend himself. Everyone already suspects him of flipping before, and he's on the outside of both major alliances in the house. He has won some competitions and may be able to take himself off the block if he's nominated. He'll need to keep winning competitions if he wants to stay in the house.

8. Kaycee (7)

Kaycee is another house guest getting more airtime, but only because the options are limited. She hasn't performed or shown any kind of social game, but she is friends with the people who are calling the shots, and will last a couple more weeks for that reason alone.

9. Faysal and Haleigh (8)

It was their showmance that set Kaitlyn in a downward spiral (although we now know she didn't need that much of push), and now there seems to be trouble in paradise. Faysal has caused a rift between himself and Bayleigh for sticking up for JC. Meanwhile, JC is totally playing him. Haleigh has become a packaged deal with Faysal, and hasn't done anything to separate herself rom him. The two have had zero control over anything going on in the house.

9. Rockstar (9)

Rockstar almost made a name for herself this week. She lost on the tiebreaker question to become HOH. If she had won, her side would've controlled nominations and Bayleigh would be able to change the following week's. Instead, she came up short. Maybe this will be the week she finally branches out and starts making some deals.

Predictions: Bayleigh will use her power to nominate Brett. I think Tyler and Level 6 will work to make Scottie a target as well for her. It's hard to bet against Tyler, everything has gone well for him. I thiink he finds a way to get Scottie out this week.