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Dr. Phil to have 3-day special to tell 'real story' of Jeffrey Dahmer

The three-part special has Dr. Phil speaking with a family of Dahmer's victims and people who claim they survived his torture.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Dr. Phil is taking aim at the new Netflix series "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" in a three-day special that looks to tell the "real story" and show "real people" who knew the serial killer. 

Airing Tuesday through Thursday, Nov. 15-17, Dr. Phil's three special episodes take their own look into the infamous serial killer, discussing not only the controversy surrounding the Netflix series but also looking into what made Dahmer a "monster." 

You can watch Dr. Phil at 4 p.m. on 10 Tampa Bay. 

On Tuesday, the first of three episodes airs, titled "In the Presence of Evil: Face to Face with Jeffrey Dahmer." According to CBS, while the Dahmer Netflix series may have become popular on the streaming platform, it wasn't popular with everyone. 

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The Dr. Phil show says angry family members of Dahmer's victims said, "the controversial drama re-traumatized them and romanticized the notorious serial killer." Now, Dr. Phil says he's telling the "real story" and meeting with the "real people who say they knew the real monster that was Jeffrey Dahmer." 

Dr. Phil says Tuesday's show will have an exclusive interview with the sister of one of the people Dahmer killed. She tells Dr. Phil "the series glorified the man she calls "Satan." Dr. Phil will also speak with two men who claim they survived being "tortured and terrorized" by Dahmer.

On Wednesday, during part 2's episode titled "Raising Evil: The Interview with Jeffrey Dahmer's Parents," Dr. Phil says the show will air a "never-before-aired" interview with Dahmer's father and stepmother that allegedly "sheds light on the monster behind the man." 

This episode will also ask the question of if the Netflix Dahmer series pushed the story into a 2022 "pop culture moment" and if "our culture's obsession with true crime desensitized us?" 

Thursday's episode will wrap up the three-day special with "Jeffrey Dahmer's Journey to Evil: The Home Movies and Childhood Cues." Dr. Phil says this episode will have Dahmer's parents "reveal the red flags they say they missed."

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