TAMPA, Fla. — Avast! Are ye ready for the invasion of the pirates? 

The pirates be coming about to weigh anchor any day now.

Here are 10 terms ye be needin' to parley before you're ready for your sea legs.  

10 Pirate terms to know before Gasparilla:

1. "Arr!" or "Argh!" They are exclamations or proclamations of excitement.

Used in a sentence: "Argh! I'm so ready for Gasparilla!"

2. "Blimey!" A surprise exclamation, short for "God blind me!"

Used in a sentence: "Blimey! I had too much rum ahead of Gasparilla!"

3. "To go on account" is a positive term for pirates which describes the act of turning pirate. It also means the pirate is going into business as a freelancer. 

Used in a sentence: "My Krewe of pirates is set to go on account from now until Gasparilla."