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Neil deGrasse Tyson places Barbie Land somewhere in Florida

The popular astrophysicist is notorious for scientifically nitpicking popular movies. His latest post tries to pinpoint the iconic world from the Barbie movie.

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Did Neil deGrasse Tyson really figure out the location of "Barbie Land"?

The famous astrophysicist is widely regarded for his books, shows, lectures, and all-around success in bringing science and astrophysics into popular culture. 

He's also known semi-affectionately as something of a "buzzkill" among his fans online for his social media posts that bring his own brand of scientific analysis to details in popular movies. Or, as some might call it, "nitpicking."

In a recent post on X, formerly Twitter, Tyson turns his analytical eye to a new movie: "Barbie."

In Greta Gerwig's wildly popular blockbuster, all the Barbies and Kens live in a hot-pink world called Barbie Land. And while the movie suggests Barbie Land is located somewhere in the real world, it never specifies exactly where. Tyson offers a possible answer.

By observing the orientation of the moon, the presence of palm trees, and the rising and setting sun, Tyson says, "If it's in the US, Barbie World lands somewhere in the Florida Keys."

Some X users suggested that the Keys would be a natural setting for a land full of pastel pinks and residents removed from society. More than one commenter said that the character Ken is an ideal representation of the "Florida man" trope.

"Barbie" topped the box office charts again over the weekend, bringing in another $33.7 million. According to reports, the movie is estimated to have grossed $525 million domestically and nearly $1.2 billion worldwide, making it likely to surpass "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" as the highest-grossing movie at the U.S. box office in 2023.

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