SAINT PETERSURG, Fla. (WTSP) – More than three hours after he was scheduled to take the stage, Lil Uzi Vert erupted onto the Jannus Live stage in downtown Saint Petersburg Saturday night, in front of a throng of teens and young adults who were growing increasingly impatient with the rapper-slash-rock star’s tardy arrival.

But the vexation quickly waned, and hands were waving and voices were screaming lyrics along with the star. His hit “Do What I Want” took on a literal meaning during the early portion of the concert, as he jumped from the stage down through the crowd and made his way up a tree where he performed “Money Longer,” the 2016 single that put him on the map. At one point he was on the roof of Caddy’s on Central, not limiting himself or his performance to the stage.

Fans took it all in, making sure to Snapchat every moment of the up-close-and-personal experience with the explosive performer, whose energy reverberated throughout the venue.

It’s hard to box the 22-year-old Philly-born artist into a genre. He’s rap, he’s hip-hop, and he’s a dash of rock-and-roll—perhaps more so with his style than his delivery or content. He’s also a showman, and his ability to create makeshift stages throughout Jannus proved he knows how to please a crowd.

But the area where he falls short, perhaps by no fault of his own: his ability to deliver an album to his fans. Over the last week, XXL Magazine reported that the rapper Tweeted then deleted messages pointing the finger at an unnamed “old person” he says is responsible for the pushback of his album.

So far, he’s achieved commercial success through the release of four mixtapes over the last two years.