LARGO, Fla. — The hardest part of coronavirus pandemic, at least for my family, is getting used to the new normal – social distancing. It’s hard because we are social people! We like to get out and interact with friends and family. That’s tough to do when bars, restaurants, and almost every other avenue for socializing is cut off, including beaches.

Social distancing means zero contact, but it doesn’t mean zero impact.  

We were inspired by a late-night surprise on Sunday night. I went to let the dog out and noticed a dozen signs in my yard. Each had an uplifting message from a family we hadn’t seen in a while. It got me thinking about how we could impact others during this time of uncertainty and nervousness.

So, we bought three plungers and a few Dollar Store lawn ornament fairies and duct-taped some of our own inspirational messages to each. We are doing the same thing many people have started doing online. It’s a phenomenon known as “flocking”. Friends will drop by your home unsuspected and leave uplifting items in your yard. They can be cute pink flamingos, signs and posters, flags, or anything else.

The message during a time of social distancing is simple: We are not able to be together, but we miss you and hope this brightens your day. Don’t we need more of that during coronavirus craziness? We will go back and pick up the items we left in a friend’s yard tonight and move them to another friend’s home. We’ll continue until we run out of friends. They’re alone, but they’re not forgotten.

Have you come up with any unique ways to cheer up neighbors? Kids in one Tampa Bay neighborhood are using chalk to uplift their community. Share your photos with 10News on Facebook and Instagram.

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