ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Kelly Adams was inspired by simply surfing Facebook. She saw a photo posted by Ellie Needham on the I Love St. Pete page by a mail carrier. It showed a few pieces of candy being left for a letter carrier to enjoy while she was out on her route.

It's such a sweet gesture and it inspired Adams to do the same – only bigger!

“I saw the idea online this morning, and decided it was something I wanted to do, just a small way to thank those who are putting themselves at risk so our lives can remain semi-normal," Adams wrote on Facebook. “Plus, it gave me a project to focus on, and helps keep me sane.”

She left a basket full of drinks and snacks on her porch next to the mailbox with a note which read, “Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx etc. Please help yourself!”

It’s a small gesture that is appreciated by people like Needham.

“Oh, thank you we could use some uplifting stories. It's a challenge right now being a letter carrier. You want to do the right thing for the customers but you want to remain healthy,” she said via Facebook.

She added that customers were leaving her Lysol wipes, paper towels and some toilet paper as well “to make us smile.” It’s just another way Tampa Bay neighbors looking out for each other during coronavirus fears.

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