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2019 'On The Road' update: Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center

This tiny building got big support from the community and a fundraising concert filled up the food pantry's shelves in a major way.

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. — A single can of food can make a difference, but more is always better. I went to a small building off a side street in Safety Harbor this spring to see what the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center was all about.

I’d never been there before. I had no expectations. What I’d heard was that this little building, which was converted into a food pantry, was making a big impact on nearly 100 families each week.

It was pretty incredible upon walking into the tiny space. It was packed with food – all of which would be gone in a few hours practically. That February story shined a light on a heavy need in that slice of Tampa Bay.

I did an interview that was two-headed in nature. I wanted to talk about the great service provided to families by that pantry and also wanted to hype up its big fundraiser. A Battle of the Bands concert would attempt to generate cash for the center which would be put towards filling up the shelves with food. 

The most they’d ever gotten in the past was $16,000.

I got this wonderful email after the event from Mattie Williams’ PR person, Charrie Moscardini:

“We had our best year ever… netting approximately 21,000!”

That was so uplifting. How many cans of food can you buy for $21,000? Enough to make a HUGE impact on the people of Tampa Bay.

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