David Green’s voice carried across the pond as the flag wavers marched his way.

“Eduardo!” he cried. “There are two of them!”

Roll call began the march to put more flags than ever in the ground. There are 210 new American flags waving in front of Seminole City Hall. The local Kiwanis club is calling the display the "Field of Honor".

About two dozen members gathered Wednesday morning to honor the men and women who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. military by displaying their names atop flagpoles.

“I do look forward to this day,” said Green. “It’s a lot of planning. A lot of communication takes place.”

This is the third straight year the group has flown flags in honor of military members.

Nearby, Leah Hoffman attached veteran names to flagpoles. She has always had a military-focused family. Her parents met when father Dean was injured. Elizabeth was his WWII trauma nurse. It was love at first stitch.

Her dad was a lieutenant in the Navy who served in WWII and Korea. Her mom became a captain in the Air Force after time in the Army Air Corps. Both served in WWII. They were married almost 40 years before her father passed away.

Hoffman slipped both flagpoles bearing her parent’s names in the ground along the north side of the pond before grabbing her brother’s flag.

Also named Dean, he served in the Marines from 1940 to 1952 and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He was 18 when he joined the military.

“Very proud of him and what he did,” she said with a smile.

The final Hoffman flag to be placed in the earth was done to pay respect to Leah’s nephew, Col. Dean Hoffman IV.

“He’s the fourth of our family that has been in the service,” said Leah. “He is currently serving at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Pride.”

She stood back and admired the quartet.

“Prideful. Just goosebumps.”

The flags will fly for the entire month. Last year the community paid for 175 flags to be displayed in front of City Hall. The money for streamers atop the flags is now an annual fundraiser for the Kiwanis.