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Reality show 'Selling Tampa' canceled after first season

Page Six broke the news first – with cast members airing out problems with the production.
Credit: Netflix

TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa-based reality show circled around the luxury real estate market in the area won't be getting a second season on Netflix after all.

Page Six was the first to break the news to the fans that "Selling Tampa" wasn't renewed for another season – with some cast reportedly believing racial discrimination play a role in the decision.

“When they show us [black women] in a different light — when we’re bickering, fighting and name-calling — they get a Season 2 and Season 3, but that’s not what we were displaying,” cast member Juawana Colbert said to the media outlet. “I feel like we weren’t given a second chance, possibly because of what we represented as minority women.” 

The show first aired on the popular streaming service back in December 2021 with a cast full of women of color. And within 24 hours of the show debuting, it was ranked in the No. 1 spot in the TV shows category of Netflix.

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Page Six reports the ladies of the show were "left wondering for nearly a year whether the show would be picked up for a second season," with a different source allegedly claiming they were given the "runaround."

But eventually, the news was told to the cast by Adam DiVello, the creator of the “Selling” franchise.

“Adam specifically said [the decision] was related to numbers but never gave any additional information,” Colbert explained to Page Six. “I don’t know if he was talking about rating numbers or budget numbers. He just said numbers.”

Colbert explained to Page Six how there were other issues that came up with producers being "out of touch" on how to film an all-Black cast – especially with expectations of how fast they get ready.

“With sew-ins or the types of extensions that typically women of color have to get, we don’t work on that same time frame,” Colbert explained to the media outlet. “It’s not a wash-and-go. Women that are minorities, it’s not that easy. Our hair, just in general, takes longer.”

She also pointed out how not having a show like "Selling Tampa" on a global streaming service "hinders breaking stereotypes about Black women," Page Six reports.

“Not being able to see women that look like us in a professional setting, a setting where they have a career, a setting where we can have disagreements but not be throwing glasses or punches … it’s not fair," Colbert said to the media outlet.

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