TAMPA, Fla — Florida is no stranger to extreme weather from hurricanes to tornadoes or simply just drastic swings in temperatures. 

But there are a few weather events that standout over history. 

Hurricanes are pretty common, but a few have made a significant impact on the Bay Area. Most recently, Hurricane Irma in 2017. Before that, Hurricane Charley, in 2004, came through as a category four storm and caused significant damage to Polk County. 

The last major hurricane to make a direct hit on Tampa Bay was in 1921. That storm actually split a barrier island, creating what we now know as Honeymoon and Caladesi islands. A Category 2 storm in 1946 was the last hurricane, in general, to make direct landfall on Tampa Bay. 

Another infamous weather event is known as the "1966 Tampa Tornado Family." This was a pair of tornadoes that started in Pinellas County and traveled across the state, to as far as Brevard County. 

One of the tornadoes reached F-4 strength -- one of only two F-4's in state history. Sadly, the tornadoes killed 11 people and injured about 530 others.

Now, what about snow in Tampa Bay? It's happened before. On Jan. 19, 1977, temperatures dropped into the 30s and Tampa Bay recorded about 0.2 inches of accumulated snow.

So don't let the state's nickname fool you... Florida isn't always warm and sunny.

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