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What you need to know for Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Good morning! Thanks for waking up with 10 Tampa Bay Brightside.

TAMPA, Fla. — Good morning Tampa Bay! It's Tuesday. 

Le's get started with today's top stories. 

Moving closer to a vaccine 💉

We could be one step closer to finding a vaccine for the coronavirus.

A vaccine created by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna is moving into phase three of clinical trials. Vice President Mike Pence made the announcement Monday at the University of Miami. 

Clinical trials for the Moderna vaccine will be conducted at 89 different sites across the U.S., including Miami.

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Another round of stimulus checks? 💸

Another $1,200 in the bank account could be one the way.

A proposal from Senate Republicans called the "HEALS" Act would include another round of $1,200 direct payments to Americans. 

The qualifications to receive a check would be the same as it was for the first round of payments from the CARES Act, according to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. That means American adults who make up to $75,000 would receive the full $1,200. 

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Tracking the tropics 🌀

Invest 92-L is likely to become Tropical Storm Isaias (ees-ah-EE-as) sometime in the next few days. If this storm develops, it will be one to watch for Florida and much of the East Coast. 

While numerous computer models, including the GFS, show this potential tracking near Florida and along the East Coast next week, our often more reliable European (ECMWF) model actually struggles to show significant development and even shows this tropical wave drifting through the Caribbean until it dissipates. 

The system will reach the Caribbean in about three to four days. Any land interaction with Puerto Rico or Hispanola would also diminish the intensity of the storm. 

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