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What does your dream mean? An expert breaks it down.

A clinical phycologist with FSU says nightmares could be tied to the stress you're feeling during the day.

TAMPA, Fla — You lay down for the night, close your eyes, and sometimes something magical happens. Or maybe something scary occurs. You might know them as nightmares. But did you know there is a way to get a grip on those scary night dreams.

Dr. Jacquelyn Flood, clinical phycologist with FSU, says that it all starts with what’s going on in your head while you’re awake.

“When it comes to dreams and figuring out which part means which, first figure out if it's real-life stress to you and then working out that distress,” Flood said. 

Dr.  Flood says that nightmares can be tied to stress throughout your day. That information, good and bad, goes to a place where your mind tries to decide where they go, which is why sometimes dreams can be a bit bizarre.

If you have nightmares, especially after the start of the pandemic, Dr. Flood says to try to sort out what’s stressing you out. Sometimes that resorts to professional help to overcome nightmares.

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