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Working from home can be a 'pain in the back'

Need some relief on your back after working from home? You are not alone.

LITHIA, Fla. — Does all this social distancing and staying safe at home got you down? No, actually down with back pain?  

We are seeing more people posting on social media about having new back problems since they started working from home.

With so many of you working from home, you may be improvising your workspace. The counter, the couch or where ever you open that laptop and get to work. Unfortunately, this is likely to cause some issues.  

"Instead of sitting there on the couch, find a table find a chair and what you can do, instead of slouching over like we are on the couch, you can take a lumbar roll like this or a towel and roll it up and we put this in our back so we keep that lower curve so we sit up nice and straight, said Dr. Bob Lutz with Motion Chirotherapy in Lithia. 

Besides sitting properly, he says we need to be moving more and taking micro-breaks every hour throughout the day.  

"If we're sitting a lot and we're starting to get stiff, headaches, neck aches with shoulders... because we're like this... move in the other direction. Stand up and push your hips out like this. Sit down in a chair and just roll your head back like so in a chair."

If that doesn't start to relieve your pain or it gets worse over a couple of days, you can still visit or teleconference with a chiropractor like Dr. Bob to find out what else you can do to feel better.  

"The sooner you have an issue and the sooner you fix it, the easier it's going to be."

Chiropractors are considered essential workers and many are still open if you really need to see them in person. They are just taking extra safety precautions. 

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