ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Do you hesitate to make a new year's resolution because you know you won't stick to it?

According to psychologists, the big reason many of our New Year's resolutions fail is that we go too big -- vowing to get fit or eat healthy or lose 50 pounds.

Once making those drastic changes gets too hard, we tend to give up. 

Experts recommend setting smaller goals, like eating a couple of healthier meals a week or trying to lose just five pounds at a time. You are more likely to stick with it. 

Once you reach those smaller goals, you then can create new ones.

Psychologist also recommend tying your resolution to an existing habit. For example, if you already exercise, add ten more minutes. Or if you make your lunch the night before, add a salad to it.

And there's nothing that says you have to make a New Year's resolution. If that date doesn't resonate with you, pick another time that means more. 

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