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Still holiday shopping? Here are easy gift ideas for teachers, coworkers

Here's some inspiration for your holiday gifting rotation.

TAMPA, Fla. — When the holidays come around, some people are really easy to buy for. Others, not so much. What should you get your coworkers or your children's teachers? 

We've got a few affordable, quick and easy gift ideas for you!

First off, if you're buying for someone like your kids teachers, sneakily learn more about them by having your kids ask questions: Where do they like to eat? Where do they like to shop? What's their favorite snack? What's their favorite color? Do they have pets?

A little sleuthing will help you personalize these simple gifts.

Gift Cards

A gift card for some may seem impersonal, but you can always spruce it up with a few add ons, like candy or an accompanying gift like a reusable grocery bag with a grocery store gift card. If you're gifting to teachers, consider adding in school supplies they can use in their classrooms too for all students to enjoy, since many teachers purchase additional supplies with their own money.

Fun Baskets

This isn't your catalog fruit and cheese basket. Go Florida style and put together a fun basket of things your gift recipient can use on the beach or by the pool: a towel, sunglasses, sun screen, a water bottle, a drink mix and maybe a gift card to pick up a waterside read. You could also put together a basket of things we've all been using a lot of this year: nice soaps, hand sanitizer and hand lotion.

Baking Jars

This is an easy way to share something really personal to you. You can share a favorite family recipe, like your grandma's chocolate chip cookies without giving away all the secrets. You mix together all the measured dry ingredients in a nice jar and attach a label with preparation instructions. You could do biscuits, cookies, brownies, pancakes or even drink mixes like hot chocolate! Keep in mind any food allergies when putting these together.


Board games and card games are always a fun gift, especially if you can enjoy them together!

Practical Gifts

Look for things that can make things easy for people. Personalized cord organizers, phone chargers so they can have one in every spot, kitchen items like reusable beeswax wraps or silicone bags or a donation on their behalf to a charity they admire. 

Any gift you ultimately decide to go with will be appreciated because it's the thought that counts.