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What you need to know for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Rise and shine!

TAMPA, Fla. — Good morning! We are halfway to the weekend!

Let's take a look at the stories you need to know about. 

The latest from Piney Point

Some good news came Tuesday for the people who live or work near the former Piney Point phosphate processing plant in Manatee County: They could go back. 

State and local leaders had feared an "imminent" collapse of a retention pond at the site, but the risk has since been reduced as crews pumped out water.

Manatee County Commissioners announced yesterday evening that the mandatory evacuation order was lifted. 

Now, scientists and environmentalists are closely watching to determine what kind of environmental impact that discharge will have on the sea life that call Tampa Bay home.

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Traveling soon? ✈️

If you're thinking about packing your bags and skipping town for a trip, you're not the only one making plans!

A new survey by AAA shows that nearly half of Floridians are comfortable taking a trip, and more than 60 percent plan to do just that. 

Traveling in the age of COVID-19 can be tricky though. That's why we talked to a travel expert to tell us everything you should know before you go. 

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Answering your COVID-19 questions 

This week, the COVID-19 vaccine age eligibility expanded to everyone 16 and older in Florida. 💉

That had a lot of people asking about the vaccine and its side effects. So, we took your questions to USF Health virologist Dr. Michael Teng, Ph.D. 

Dr. Teng talked to us about how long your arm could be sore after the shot and why younger people tend to feel stronger side effects. 

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You can send your questions to 727-577-8522 and we'll try to answer them on 10 Tampa Bay Brightside.