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What you need to know for Monday, May 3, 2021

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TAMPA, Fla. — Good morning! It the start of another wonderful workweek.

Let's get started with the stories you should know about. 

Pandemic preps 😷

COVID-19 wasn't the first pandemic, and medical experts tell us, it will not be the last.

We get it, it's not something you really want to be thinking about right now. But, it's always important to be prepared.

So, how do we prepare ourselves for something like that? 

Every year here in Florida, we prepare for hurricanes, and that can really give us some insight into how we can be ready for another pandemic.  

We spoke to one physician who told us the four things people should put in their "pandemic kits"

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Wedding bells in Florida 💒🌴

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the wedding industry, forcing couples to cancel, postpone and rethink the wedding of their dreams.

In many states, restrictions are just now easing for the first time to allow gathering and late-night soirees. That's led many couples to consider tying the knot in Florida, which has had relaxed gathering guidelines for much longer. "Marry Me Tampa Bay," a local wedding planning guide, polled its wedding vendors about current pandemic trends. 

Many vendors said they're seeing an increase in out-of-state couples looking to get married in the Sunshine State.

This influx has been great for wedding vendors, getting back to work with smaller, boutique-style weddings. It's not so great for newly engaged couples or couples looking to re-book their postponed weddings.  

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See ya later, alligator! 🐊

It's been said that every body of water in Florida contains at least a single gator. 

But one toothy reptile left its home Thursday, prompting a phone call to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office when an unlucky driver caught the animal underneath a car, the agency wrote on Facebook.

Three deputies responded, including Deputy Wheaton who in April had just wrangled another gator, to get the animal 4-foot alligator into the pond.

With a broom in hand, Wheaton nudged the animal toward the right direction before it latched on -- and then it was a glide across the yard and into the water.

"I owe you another broom," Wheaton said to its owner.

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