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What you need to know Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

Good morning Tampa Bay! Thank you for waking up on the Brightside with us.

TAMPA, Fla — Good morning Tampa Bay! We're already halfway through the workweek.

Let's get started with the stories you need to know about. 

The latest on felon voting in Florida 🗳️

With just days to go until Florida’s voter registration deadline, advocates are trying to get as many felons as possible signed up to vote.

The push comes after a court ruling upheld that felons must first pay off all fines, restitution and court fees associated with their sentence before they can vote. But the state has no consolidated system for determining what felons owe or certifying that they have paid up.

The effort to help felons figure out how much they owe and to pay it off got a big boost this week. The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition announced billionaire businessman and former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is part of an effort that raised more than $20 million dollars

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Let's talk about the 6 constitutional amendments on Florida ballots 🖋️

Voters in Florida have a unique chance to directly alter the state's constitution up to six times this election cycle with six amendments on the ballot.

These constitutional amendments include four introduced by citizen initiatives and two others by the Florida Legislature. An amendment passes when it receives 60-percent approval from voters.

You can get more information on all six amendments here.

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Celebrating history 👏

Who runs a crew out of the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue? Five strong women. 

An all-women crew has never happened at the Palm Beach Gardens fire department -- until now. 🚒

Firefighter Krystyna Krakowski shared the achievement on Facebook, saying it's "beyond empowering to stand alongside these strong women." 

The others? They're Julie Dudley, Kelsey Krzywada, Sandi Ladewski and Monica Marzullo.

The list of responsibilities for the team runs long, from responding to fire scenes, car crashes, gas leaks, medical calls and the like.

Credit: Krystyna Krakowski

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