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What you need to know for Monday, Feb. 22, 2021

Good morning Tampa Bay! Thanks for waking up on the Brightside with us.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. — Good morning Tampa Bay! It's the start of another great work week.

Let's take a look at the stories you need to know about.

Lasting health impact 🩺

Almost a year after our first cases in Florida, we're getting a real idea of the damage the coronavirus can cause for those who get it.

The impact COVID-19 can have on a patient's body still concerns Dr. Gaetan Michaud. After analyzing X- rays, she found what's left behind is pretty severe.

"[Patients] can develop scarring of the lungs. Most other diseases that either scar the lung or cause emphysema, that's over decades. That's not over like a couple of weeks or a couple of months. It's over many years. So, this is such a rapidly progressive scarring disease. It's not like anything we've seen before," Michaud said.

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'Who is Mike Richards for $400, please' 

"Jeopardy!" fans will have a new guest host step up to the podium Monday. And, while you may not know his face, you probably know his work. 📺

Mike Richards has been the executive producer for both "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune," two of the most successful game shows of all time, since 2020, according to a release. Before that, he was executive producer of  "The Price is Right" and "Let's Make a Deal" for more than 10 years.

And he's not really a stranger when it comes to being in front of the camera. CBS says he was a standup comedian after college, which led to him hosting several TV shows. This includes the WB's "High School Reunion" and the reality show "Beauty and the Geek" for the CW.

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Credit: Jeopardy! Productions Inc.

Lending a helping hand

A week ago, Aaron Davis was enjoying our picture-perfect weather here in Tampa. Then he started seeing images pour in from Texas and across the South during last week’s devastating winter storm.

Davis' girlfriend lives in Austin and immediately he knew he had to help.

After checking on friends and loved ones he headed straight to a local church helping with relief efforts.

“There was a youth minister and a handful of other people there who said 'can you go to Harper, Texas?' I said 'sure, where is that?'"

The town of approximately 1,200 is about two hours west of Austin, and while relief had already started pouring into some areas, towns like Harper were still on their own.

Davis arrived with just his rented truck and a chainsaw provided by the church. He was also proudly sporting his Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat which everyone quickly noticed.

He quickly got to work trying to clear fallen branches brought down by the weight of all the ice and heavy snow.

Credit: Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis left Tampa to help out following the winter storm that hit Texas and much of the south.

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