Everyone knows that turkey is a bland bird, so seasoning and preparation are key to a tasty Thanksgiving. Lennise and Omar Germany from Livy O’s catering visited the GDL kitchen to give us tips on brining, marinating and ultimately frying the main dish. You can book Livy O’s for your next occasion. Just go to livyos.com to contact them.

Brine Recipe:

- 1 part water / 1 part salt

(For every cup of water, add a cup of salt)

- 2 -onions (peeled & sliced)

- 2 Bundles of Fresh Thyme

- 2 Bundles Fresh Rosemary

Let sit in room temperature water for 24hrs

Mayo Marinade:

- 4 cups mayonnaise

- 3 tbs olive oil

- 4 tbs Cajun seasoning

- 4 tbs paprika

- 4 tbs dry rosemary

- 4 tbs dry oregano

- 4 tbs fennel

- 4 tbs garlic powder

- 2 tbs cayenne pepper

- 3 tbs salt & pepper

Mix well, and spread completely over turkey, inside and out, back, and under wings. Let marinade for 23-48hrs, then fry 320 degrees (frying duration: 3 minutes per 1 pound of turkey)