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Drunk Americans spend $30 billion annually online

The average American buys $447.57 worth of stuff while buzzed.

It's a Friday night, you're home with some wine and casually scrolling through Amazon, and then all the sudden that cart you've been stocking full of stuff has been purchase. If this is you - you're definitely not alone. According to a new survey from rehab facility Archstone Recovery Center, the average American buys $447.57 worth of stuff while drunk. Another survey from March said that nearly 2,000 Americans admitted to buying while under the influence.

However, interestingly, the results varied most by what the person was drinking at the time of purchase. Like G&T's? Gin drinkers tended to splurge the most, spending an average of more than $82. Red and white wine drinkers spent about $42 and $46, respectively. Whiskey drinkers spent around $40 and beer drinkers spent $40 or a little below.

Timing is also key. People spent 30 percent more when shopping after midnight on a Friday versus on a Monday. On a Friday by 1 a.m. that percentage jumps to 40. The range of items people are buying isn't surprising given their intoxicated state. According to the article on NBC News, Friday-night purchases of lingerie average $308 and shoe purchases are a whopping 165 percent higher than they are on a Monday night. SO how to avoid this tempting trap? Turn off one-click shopping for your favorite sites, put your wallet in another room, or ditch the laptop and turn on the TV.