Founder of the Shin Do Kumate form of martial arts (combining several Ancient Martial Arts disciplines), Master Mehrdad Moayedi has taught Self-Defense and Martial Arts philosophies around Tampa Bay since 1992. Master Mehrdad will host a FREE Self-Defense Social Event at Cage Brewing in St. Petersburg, on November 14th benefitting domestic violence nonprofit CASA to help men and women of all ages develop basic Self-Defense Skills and Mindedness, along with lessons for improved Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Awareness and Self-Empowerment … Donations will be accepted - All funds go directly to CASA. Master Mehrdad is a pro Muay Thai Title Holder and traditional full-contact fighter with an authentic Martial Arts background in Hap-Ki-Do, Kung Fu and a lifetime of training under prominent Grandmasters in Persia, Far East, Europe. For more info, go to