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Tips for preventing a stroke

May is High Blood Pressure Education Month. Stroke is the No. 5 cause of death in America, and more than 7 million American adults have had a stroke. However, stroke is largely preventable and treatable. One of the most crucial ways to prepare for stroke is to know its most common warning signs and symptoms, which can be learned through the acronym F.A.S.T. (Face drooping, Arm weakness, Slurred speech, Time to call 9-1-1). When it comes to stroke, time is of the essence. Getting immediate, appropriate treatment can be a matter of life and death. You can also decrease your risk of stroke by managing your blood pressure – the most controllable cause of stroke. If you don't know your blood pressure, check your numbers today and visit www.heart.org/BPLevels to understand them. For more information about stroke, visit www.StrokeAssociation.org.