For many people, Rhonda Shear will best be remembered as everyone's favorite late-night bedtime, smart-sexy hostess of USA: Up All Night, but did you know now she runs a $100 million lingerie company called Shear Enterprises and has been a fixture on HSN/Home Shopping Networking for years! Did you know that Rhonda's Ahh Bra is now the Number #1 selling bra worldwide? She also just wrote a book called “From Hollywood Bombshell to Lingerie Model, Life Lessons from An Accidental Feminist”.

She joined us to tell us all about it. Book is available on now and starting at midnight tonight HSN and Then bookstores throughout the country. Rhonda will be signing books at Haslams in Saint Petersburg Oct. 14 from 12-4.

You can reach out to for more product info and for speaking engagements.