St. Petersburg, Fl – Think of the Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) as a super charity. Money donated to the group is distributed to hundreds of others in Pinellas County.

While PCF helps a variety of groups, this year it has been focusing on fighting hunger. “We found out through our research that 36-thousand children in our community have some kind of food insecurity and may not know where their next meal is coming from,” explained PCF Executive Director Duggan Cooley. “That was staggering to us and we felt we needed to do something about it.”

You can help fight hunger by spreading the word that hunger it is still a problem in our community, by volunteering at your local food bank, and by donating dollars to PCF. “You can earmark that for our Childhood Hunger Relief Fund and through our granting process that will go to charities in our community that our turning the tide on hunger,” Duggan said. “100-percent of the money given to the Childhood Relief Fund will be given back out to the community. There’s no administrative cost on that fund.”