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Families surely enjoy this kid friendly program. It's coming back.

The Teletubbies will return on May 30th to Nick Jr.

-Teletubbies is back starting May 30th with 60 all-new 12-minute episodes on Nick Jr.

-A fun, magical and safe world which captures young children's imagination and encourages them to explore and learn from the world around them through laughter and play, the experiences of real children and the power of technology.

-The original Teletubbies content has been brought into the 21st century to cater to the needs of new generation. New elements include:

- Teletubbyland is visually refreshed, with a rich meadow landscape, created by state-of-the-art CGI technologies.

-In order to ensure the content is engaging and relatable for tech-savvy, modern-day preschoolers, the Teletubbies' tummy screens were updated to touch screens.

-The Tubby Phone is a smart phone with a touch-screen and serves as a vehicle to initiate play and encourage exploration.