The final season premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones is just days away.

The epic fantasy series began in 2011 and has since become a global pop culture phenomena through its seven season. The eighth and final season premieres at 9 p.m. ET Sunday.

10News reporters Mark Bergin and Chelsea Tatham have watched every death, murder plot, royal family drama and the birth of three huge dragons over the last eight years. Here are their thoughts ahead of the final season and what is expected to be an epic conclusion.

Who will sit atop the Iron Throne at the end?

Mark Bergin: Who knows? If anyone knew the answer with certainty, drawn-out stories like this wouldn’t exist.

However, one thing stood out to me when researching my answer to this question. Live odds and sports betting database Odds Shark, which is well-respected in the betting community, listed Littlefinger as sixth most likely to rule Westeros even though Arya Stark slit his throat for treason at the end of seven.

It raises so many questions:

  • Did Lord Petyr Baelish actually bleed out and die?

  • Did the Stark sisters fake Little Finger’s death for some ulterior purpose?

  • Will someone like Melisandre aka the Red Priestess bring him back to life?

  • Will the White Walkers revive him?

  • Has anyone seen actor Aidan Gillen (he portrays Baelish) on set during the filming of season eight?

Chelsea Tatham: Maybe the dragons?

You know that famous exchange between Dr. Ian Malcolm and Dr. Ellie Sattler in the first Jurassic Park that ends with “Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.”

God creates dinosaurs: Whatever deity is in Game of Thrones created the dragons

God destroys dinosaurs: Well, I think they died off/humans killed them.

God creates man: Self-explanatory

Man destroys God: See Season 6 Episode 10 when Cersei basically obliterates an entire religious sect.

Man creates dinosaurs: Actually, it was a woman (Daenerys).

Dinosaurs eat man: Dragons have big appetites, and I have yet to see them eat a woman.

Woman inherits the earth: There you have it – the dragons win (and Dany, I guess).

Also, I will riot in the streets if Littlefinger wins.

Which character would you like to see killed first in season eight?

Bergin: I’d like to see crazy pirate Uncle Euron Greyjoy get his! In season seven, Cersei Lannister somehow decides to align with Euron over Jaime.

I can’t bring myself to root for the White Walkers unless they’re fighting against Euron. I also hope Euron dies thinking Cersei’s baby is his and not Jaime’s.

Who would’ve thought we’d live in a Westeros where the most cowardly Grejoy wasn’t Theon?!

Tatham: I’m so over the Greyjoys. I’m sure they’re playing some small but important role in all of this, but for me, they’re wasting screen time. I would love to see Euron Greyjoy die by White Walker. Or, better yet, by the only Greyjoy that matters: Yara. 

When will Cersei Lannister perish?

Bergin: I think we can both agree it’s a matter of when not if.

I think Cersei’s pregnancy at the end of last season is literally a sign that there’s no way she sits atop the Iron Throne at the end of season eight.

Tatham: Correct. 

In George R.R. Martin's book series, there's a prophecy that Cersei will miscarry or die in childbirth. If she dies in childbirth, it'll be a way to fulfill this prediction from Maggy the Frog: "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you."

Valonqar in the series language of High Valyrian means "little brother." Looking at you, Tyrion.

What storyline are you most looking forward to getting resolved in the final season?

Bergin: I really hope Tormund survived the ice dragon knocking down the wall. All of those seasons watching the Night’s Watch literally crashed by the wayside as soon as the wall fell.

I really enjoyed watching Tormund fight alongside enemy-turned-friend Jon Snow.

If Tormund died in the collapse, I hope he joins Ygritte in Wildling heaven.

Tatham: I'm very interested in hearing more about Bran and what he's up to. He's such an essential character to, literally, everything in the series, but he doesn't get as much love.

George R.R. Martin created such a complex fantasy world, and Bran makes up much of that complexity. He's a "warg" time traveler and has been on a journey of self-discovery since the end of the first season. I can't wait to see how his discoveries and abilities play into the final battles for the Iron Throne and for all of Westeros.

There's also this interesting theory that Bran is the white walker Night King, but it seems a bit of a stretch. 

Will the winner of 'Game of Thrones' build another wall? 

Bergin: Only if the Wildlings pay for it.

Tatham: Whichever way we slice it, I believe this series won't have a "happy" ending. Most of our favorite characters will die and the "winner" probably won't be what we expect. 

Will they build another wall? Probably

Will the Wildlings pay for it? Probably not

The only constant with this series is that George R.R. Martin isn't publishing the next A Song of Ice and Fire book anytime soon even though it's finished.

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