"Boy" and "Girl" have become the talk of social media in recent weeks, thanks to Netflix's wildly popular "Bird Box."

The film, starring Sandra Bullock, tells the story of a mother and two children who must make their way down a river completely blindfolded in search of a sanctuary. The characters are attempting to escape mysterious entities that are driving people to take their own lives.

As with many pop culture phenomenons, "Bird Box" has inspired a new viral social media challenge: The Bird Box Challenge.

The idea is to try to complete various tasks while completely blindfolded. It's dangerous and silly, and people probably shouldn't need reminding not to do it.

Yet Netflix still had to tweet a warning Wednesday asking viewers not to hurt themselves in the challenge.

Netflix says more than 45,000,000 viewers have watched the movie as of Dec. 28.

Here are some examples of the Bird Box Challenge: