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Virtual improv show supports charities in Tampa Bay

Tampa based virtual improv group is offering virtual shows to raise money for local charities.

TAMPA, Fla — As we continue to adjust and maneuver during these unprecedented times, it doesn't hurt to get in a good laugh to relieve stress and take the edge off. That's why ZaZu Productions is offering virtual improv shows to bring smiles to peoples faces and give back to charity. 

"I put together a group of my friends who are all experienced improvisers and in the show we ask people to put suggestions in the chat box and being improvisers everything is made up on the spot,” said Francine Wolf, founder of ZaZu Productions. 

Wolf started ZaZu productions back in 2005 and organized the virtual improv group that includes professionally trained performers from around the globe, including Tampa Bay.

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The improv show is called Pants Optional Happy Hour and is hosted through Zoom where dozens of people can join, chat, and enjoy the show in real time. 

The talent pride themselves for making the show different each time, with interactive elements, and most importantly, remaining family friendly. 

"Some people might think of improv and think its raunchy or adult subject matter, but that's not the case at all with our shows. It really is great for all ages, we do this fun warm up where we ask people to stand in place and dance to the fun music we play, and we do follow the leader improv style,” said Wolf. 

With the pandemic causing much of the nation to slow down or shut down completely, actors are finding themselves out of work because of the coronavirus. 

"I have plenty of my friends, who are professional actors, that are out of work right now with everything going on. But this show is for a good cause and keeps actors on their toes. We have to remember that artists need to create, we just have to and we need to work constantly to keep our craft fresh and alive and that’s what we’re doing now,” said Wolf. 

The improv shows are about an hour in length and proceeds from the show go on to support Children's Home Network in Tampa and Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. 

The team behind the improv shows ask for donations that start at $10, however, donations are not required to see the show online.

"Charities are hurting so much right now and I thought, well, what can we do to help them, so they can continue to help everyone else. I remembered I have a professional zoom account and can host the show there and tons of people can join in and have a good time,” said Wolf. 

To find out more about the improv group's next charity show date click here.

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