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7,000 Santa figurines in family's special collection

The entire 1,200-square-foot basement is filled from floor to ceiling with thousands of figurines of old Saint Nick.

DENVER — Drive through the streets of Denver and you can see some pretty impressive Christmas light displays outside some homes. But, one of the most incredible holiday collections sits underground and away from the public eye.

The glow of a street filled with lights is nothing compared to the inside of Megan and James Rahe’s home.

"I’ve heard that the moment that you start walking down the stairs to the basement that it’s an overwhelming sensation. You don’t know where to look," said Megan Rahe. "It’s figurines, it’s plates, it’s tins, it’s hot pads, we have candles, notepads. I mean anything that you can think of with a Santa face on it, it’s down there."

No, you haven’t taken a staircase to the north pole. The basement of this house has one of the largest Santa figurine collections in the world. 7,000 faces of old Saint Nick smiling throughout the house.

No two Santas are the same. That Santa getting a massage is different than that Santa in a racecar which is different than that Santa in a Broncos train. 

Yes, there are that many Santas.

"The average person says, 'holy cow you’re crazy, but this is awesome!'" said Megan Rahe. "I think there’s a guy in Canada that beat us, but he also collects napkins and paper plates and wrapping paper clippings. Ours is strictly figurines and signs and tins."

The collection was started years ago by James’ father. This Christmas, it means more than ever. 

"Every time I see one, I look and think, here’s one we don’t have, Dad," said James Rahe. "He’s very much involved in our thoughts about it still."

Rodney passed away earlier this year unexpectedly. The collection continues, in his honor.

"It really changed our sentimental perspective," said Megan Rahe. "Now we look at them and wonder, is this one that he would like? Is this one that is unique enough that he would want to have it on his top shelf?"

It’s hard to imagine there’s much more to add to a collection this big. But after 7,000 Santa’s, there’s always room for one more.