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Supercharge your hair, skin & nails

Hair, skin and nail secrets! FREE BONUS GIFT for GDL viewers. www.eniva.com 866-999-9191

If you are looking for help with hair, skin and nails plus a collagen booster, look no further! Active-Aging Expert Kim Marie Ross is in studio to talk about her #1 anti-aging product, VIBE. This doctor formulated, all-in-one liquid from Eniva Health combines over 30 fruits and veggies and 32 minerals and vitamins into a refreshing daily drink. To learn more and where to purchase, Click Here to visit their website www.eniva.com or call live 866-999-9191 M-F 7am-7pm est.   

FREE BONUS GIFT: As a special bonus for Great Day Live viewers, all orders of VIBE will receive a free bottle of Eniva Health’s gourmet apple cider vinegar gummies, while promotional supplies last!

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