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Video shows police officer wrangling 7-foot gator at local elementary school

Funny enough — the mascot for the elementary school is a gator!

BARTOW, Fla. — If you're going to come across an alligator, it only makes sense it would happen at Spessard Holland Elementary in Polk County — you know, the home of the gators!

Dr. Lacey Golden, the school's principal, was in for a surprise Tuesday morning when she arrived on campus to find an alligator.

The 7-foot, 11-inch-long creature was relaxing near Golden's parking spot.

After meeting with the scaley reptile, a call was made to the Bartow Police Department. Officers arrived on scene, including Dallas Haynie who used to be a trapper.

Video shows Haynie successfully trapping the gator and taping its mouth closed to avoid an incident.

The gator, now named "Spessie," was taken into custody, leaders with Polk County Schools wrote in a Facebook post.

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