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Baby animals rescued after getting blown out of their nests by Nicholas

Volunteers and staff at the Houston SPCA's Wildlife Center are taking care of baby squirrels and other animals rescued after Nicholas knocked them to the ground.

HOUSTON — The powerful winds and pounding rain caused by hurricanes and tropical storms can be pretty scary. Imagine how terrifying it must have been for newborn squirrels, birds and other baby animals knocked out of their nests by Nicholas.

The Houston SPCA reports a steady stream of soaking wet and scared animals are being brought into the their Wildlife Center of Texas.

One woman brought in a shivering baby squirrel she spotted on her morning walk in the Willowbend area.

All of the animals are getting plenty of TLC by volunteers and staff at the facility on Old Katy Road.

The SPCA’s Wildlife Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If residents are unable to reach the Wildlife Center during those hours, here's what you should do.

Credit: Houston SPCA
Animals rescued after Nicholas are getting plenty of TLC by volunteers and staff at the Wildlife Center of Texas.

How to help distressed wildlife after a hurricane

  • Carefully place the wet animal in a box with soft rags and a warm (not hot) water bottle, a rice sock, or a heating pad set on low until it is safe to get them to the Wildlife Center of Texas.
  • Never attempt to give food or water to any distressed wildlife as they may already have water in their lungs or other serious injuries.
  • Give them a warm and quiet environment, away from regular household noise and pets.
  • You'll find complete guidelines on helping distressed wild animals on the Wildlife Center's website or call the Center at (713) 861-9453.

If you'd like to donate to help wildlife in need, click here

Credit: Houston SPCA
Baby animals soaking wet and scared are being taken to the Wildlife Center of Texas after being blown out of their nests by Nicholas.

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