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Oldest living Gopher tortoise from Sliver Springs turns 100

The tortoise currently lives in Canada at the Museum of Natural History.

NOVA SCOTIA, Canada — "Slow but steady wins the race" is a saying that Gus the Gopher tortoise has truly exemplified by turning 100 years old on Friday. 

The centenarian was born and raised in Silver Springs, Fla. at the Ross Allen Reptile Institute, according to the Museum of Natural History. However, he was sold for $5 to the Director of the Nova Scotia Provincial Museum in 1942.

"Mr. Crowdis brought Gus back to Nova Scotia to live at the museum and he quickly became part of the staff." 

According to Global News Canada, Gus is believed to be the oldest living Gopher tortoise in the world. 

“In the wild, they generally live to be about 60 (years old),”  Museum manager Jeff Gray told Global News. “That, though, is largely due to human impact.”

The outlet says that Gus attracts many visitors and is well known in the area. He used to attend events but retired when he turned 85. 

“The only time he really leaves the building is for walks in the backyard or during fire drills,” said Gray. 

Gus' favorite foods are organic romaine lettuce, clover, dandelions and bananas. Gus also enjoys a nice treat of juicy berries, according to the museum's website. He was even dubbed “the lettuce king,” per Global News. 

Celebrations for Gus' milestone will start Friday and go into the weekend with two parties a day on Saturday and Sunday. 

Unfortunately, Gopher tortoises are extremely threatened and being pushed out by all the new development. "It is against the law to kill, harass or destroy gopher tortoises, their eggs, or burrows," FWC says on its website


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